• What Do You Trade in Forex

    In the beginning, forex trading may baffle you as you’re not acquiring anything tangible. Trading currencies is similar to purchasing shares of a certain…

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    Forex Basics

    What is the meaning of Forex The term Forex denote the global exchange market where one or more currencies are traded for one or…

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    Planning Your Trades

    1 – Keeping a Trade Diary We have a tendency to remember our profitable trades and dismiss our failures. This is part of human…

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    Common Trading Mistakes

    Not using a Trading Diary The most successful traders out there all treat their trading like a business. Like any business, trading needs to…

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    Balancing Emotions

    Techniques to help you balance emotions Try not to be overly positive or overly negative when looking at the market today. So, before every…

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    Trading Psychology 

    The psychological approach to trading financial markets is one of the most crucial and frequently misunderstood elements of being a trader. In this section…

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