What is a Share

When you buy a “share” in a particular company, you are essentially buying a small part of that company. The share price will rise…

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Trading Stock Indices

Factors influencing index prices Indices are generally affected by macro events. For example: ― Political instability ― Macroeconomic factors such as inflation, interest rates…

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What are Stock Indices

A stock index is a market constructed from a selection of stocks which are: ―     listed on an exchange ―     located in a specific…

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What Are Options

Options are derivatives securities, and boil down to a contract issuing the rights to its purchaser/owner to buy or sell an asset within a…

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What Are Shares

A company’s capital is divided into shares and sold by way of raising the financial stability of that company. So, when you buy a…

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What Are Bonds

Bonds are best likened to an IOU that you receive in return for lending your money to either a company or government. This IOU…

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