Benefits of CFD Trading

With some of the previously discussed risks associated with CFD trading, you may be wondering what advantages CFDs hold over more common trading forms….

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CFD Holding Costs

Also known as overnight financing, ‘holding costs’ are the fees applied to CFD positions held overnight or longer. This fee is factored into the…

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CFD Trading Example

CFDs have a wide range of trading applications, including indices and forex pairs. In this example, we’ll look at a hypothetical CFD trade based…

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CFDs For Beginners

CFDs can be great for beginners, because you can effectively turn a profit regardless of the direction of the market. Your ability to profit…

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What are CFDs?

CFDs are a means of taking a position on the market of an underlying asset without having to own the underlying asset upon which…

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CFD Trading

What is CFD Trading? Contract For Difference (CFD) trading bears several similarities to spread betting, but unlike spread betting, CFD trading is not considered…

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